Great customer experience begins with fairness

Organizations are training their customers to be disloyal. Digital is an accelerant for disloyalty. Recently, my house insurance came up for renewal. It was about 30% more expensive than last year. I ignored the letter. After a while I started getting some calls. I ignored them. I waited until a few days before renewal and… Read More »

Great customer experience means reducing customer effort

The best way to understand digital customer experience is to measure the effort people need to make to complete their top tasks. Not being able to complete your task is the ultimate failure when it comes to customer experience. However, best practice is all about reducing time-on-task. The top digital brands, from Amazon to Google,… Read More »

Collapse of Trust and Digital Transformation

Globally we are facing a collapse of trust. Governments, brands, institutions, experts are all facing a crisis of legitimacy. Digital is an accelerant in this collapse and in the making of a radically different world. How do we navigate this historically significant transformation? The anchors of society are loosening. The traditional certainties are fading. It’s… Read More »

Design through customer use

Digital makes it so much easier to design based on how the things we create are being used. In a complex, rapidly changing world, there is no better strategy. Don’t design the experience. Design for the experience. Don’t design to control. Design to give control. Digital design requires both empathy and humility. Empathy so that… Read More »

Bringing the customer in: No 1 imperative of digital transformation

The customer has already transformed and it is the customer who will transform the organization. Citizens Advice is a wonderfully clear and concise service for citizens of the UK, helping them with things like money management, housing, discrimination, etc. Citizens Advice makes publicly available a live dashboard of searches and trending topics. Anyone can see… Read More »

From users to customers

The problem with the word ‘user’ is that it is loaded with historical baggage, most of it negative. Basically, ‘users’ have never mattered much when it comes to technology design. In the history of IT, the ‘user’ has usually been an afterthought. This has gradually changed in the public, consumer space, to the point that… Read More »

Technology and the rise of the employee

More and more employees are no longer willing to accept management strategy, particularly when it comes to technology. “Almost 80% of our workforce are using Slack,” the IT manager told me ruefully. “It wasn’t part of our plan.” I’ve heard the same story on a number of occasions recently. Slack gets implemented by the employees,… Read More »

Key benefits of multidisciplinary, cross-silo collaboration

Multidisciplinary teams are essential to success in complex societies and economies. The most important member of any multidisciplinary team is the customer. As information explodes, people need to specialize. Otherwise they have no hope of developing genuine expertise. As individuals become more specialized, the need for multidisciplinary collaboration becomes more pronounced. Because in complex societies,… Read More »

Communicators: from firefighters to customer experience managers

Proper communications is absolutely vital to the digital economy. Digital is the science of words. I’ve just spent a week with Canadian government in Ottawa. It was really exciting and energizing to meet so many talented, passionate and practical people. It was a buzzword-free zone. Nobody was demanding more ‘apps’. The idea of ‘engagement’ was… Read More »