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together we can turn the internet "green"

why do we need sustainable websites?

The Internet emits greenhouse gases at every stage from designing websites, through hosting them on servers, transmitting them through the internet, to finally displaying them by the end user. With less than 5 billion Internet users, about 830 million tons of co2 are released into the atmosphere each year. This is more than double the co2 emissions of the whole of Great Britain.
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Helping the environment:

At "Deft Media", we solve this problem at the source by designing and developing ecologically sustainable websites. We also optimize existing websites in terms of speed and friendliness both for the user and the environment.
Surprisingly, both of these goals go hand in hand when building a website.
Smaller and faster websites use up to 95% less server power and storage, creating less electricity usage, therefore less co2 emissions.
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Here are the 3 key points a sustainable website has to tick:

Side Benefits:


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