6 Premium FREE HQ photos of Bushy Park from DeftMedia

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14th April 2015
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19th February 2017
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6 Premium FREE HQ photos of Bushy Park from DeftMedia

You might think that sun does not always shine. We at DeftMedia like to think that it always does but… just above the clouds. Even on that overcast day we’ve grabbed the camera and run to one of the nicest parks in the area – Bushy Park, hoping to get away dry.

Bushy park is not only a perfect place to relax and chill out, it’s also a great place for many sport activities like Gaelic Football, Tennis, or skateboarding. So if you can’t go there right now, make sure to visit that one this weekend!

Until then, you can download the photos we have shot for you. Photos are biiiig, niiiice, and free to personal or commercial use with modifications.

For example you can use these photos as an inspiration to your blog, as a background for your leaflet, in a facebook/twitter post or however you like!

If you’d like more Freebies, contact us and tell us what kind of photos or other materials would be useful for you or your business.

You can find these direct file links below. Just “right-click” and pick “open in new tab/window”.