Waterlo House

Wilson Taxation
5th August 2015


An unique four star Bed and Breakfast accomodation in Dublin 4. Waterloo House offers free off-street parking - an absolute rarity in downtown Dublin! It is located in Ballsbridge - a quiet residential street with gardens on both sides. Enjoy the hustle and bustle when you want it and then retreat to Waterloo House for a quiet night's sleep.

Waterloohouse.ie frontpage

What we did?

Due to a recent change of booking system we had to move the website from previous hosting server provided by the old booking system company, but the owner didn't want to change the graphic design. We had to make a clean Wordpress installation, find a free theme and adapt it so it looks almost identically to the previous website, although a little bit more modern. Previous CMS was very limited in options so now thanks to the Wordpress website is fully customisable
Some of the features:
  • It is definitely one of the best looking websites for Bed and Breakfast in Ireland
  • It's responsive
  • Frontpage works as a Landing page with easy to find and click "Call-To-Action" Buttons
  • The website is translated to 8 languages
  • Each of the languages is a partially independent website and that gives the possibility to alter each part of it so it will suit foreign visitors.
  • In future it will have a "News" section
  • Custom google maps are there as well
  • Integrated with facebook
  • Easy to navigate



If you want to reach the google's top, your website has to be mobile-friendly on 1st place. WaterlooHouse's website looks great on any device from your 4K SMART-TV to even the smallest smartphone. Layout is fluent so it adapts to the screen size to be readable in every conditions.

Intuitive menu

Menu designed and tested according to the latest User Experience researches. Easy to find, easy to operate, clear to read and no sub-items.

Custom Google Map

Custom Google maps

Whether you want to show your visitors the easiest and fastest way to reach your company, or you want to point out some of the most interesting places in the area on the map, Google Maps will do the trick. It's a "piece of cake". Just go to google maps, create your own customised map of the area or the driving directions and paste the link in the wordpress page editor. Note that a special free plugin is required in order to do show that map on the side.

Your visitors will never miss your special offers

Make your customers and visitors up to date with your newest special offers. The pop-up window is fully customisable. It is not annoying the visitors because it shows only once per 10 minutes (that time can be modified), and it's also easy to close.

Translate to 8 different languages

Multilingual visitors

This website apart from english language was translated to 8 other and most popular languages in the world. It's not a stupid "auto-translator" plugin that will make thousands of mistakes in translated articles, and changing one word will affect every other languages. Instead of that, It is based on a Wordpress'es Multisite feature. It means that basically it's 9 separate websites built on one wordpress installation. You can switch to these websites with two clicks and alter anything from articles to photos, and from colours to layout without changing the appearance of other languages pages.