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Web services


We design and create all types of websites, from single page projects to complex CMS systems and of course everything in between. Many years of experience in building web services allows us to create them with the highest level of quality and of course in compliance with the latest UX & UI standards. All websites done by us are responsive, meaning that they adapt to the size of a screen they're viewed on. In today's world this is essential because all of us use many different devices to surf the net such as smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, TVs' and even refrigerators! We make sure that your website looks and works perfectly on every device.

Social Media Marketing

Today's marketing would not exist without social media. That's the most powerful tool to reach potential customers because most of them have social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. We will create from scratch, or tweak, your business profile to have a wider reach. We will guide you through how to manage your profiles efficiently and for the best marketing results.

Content Marketing

When you see advertisements on various websites, have you ever wondered why they are relevant to your interests? For example when you search the web for "DSLR Camera", most websites will display ads related to photography and special offers like "where to buy the cheapest DSLR Camera". That's Content Marketing. It's a strategy that is highly targeted to the audience that is truly interested in a certain product, brand or service. This greatly increases the likelihood of converting audience to customer because only a clearly defined and identified target audience will see your ad. We will make you appear in such advertisements so you will reach these who are looking for you. The Perfect Advertisement.


It's an abbreviation of ‘Search Engine Optimization’ one of the most important tools on today's internet. If you want to be in the top ten search results in google or any other search engine, you have to help them to find you. You need to use proper keywords, proper text content and links. Google has recently changed its search algorithms and now they are delivering even more accurate search results. This means that developing an effective Content Marketing strategy is one of the most important things you can to do. People searching through the ‘net will then find you more easily. We will provide the best possible strategy and you will soon see the results as your company is included in the top search results. The higher you will get on these search results, the more profit for your firm.


Logo Design

Make your brand recognisable with your own unique logotype, consistent letterheads & business cards. Logotype is one of the most important branding tools and that's why we pay extra attention while creating it, so it will last for years without the need to redesign it over and over again.

Logotype has to be:

  • Unique
  • Easy to read or clearly visible
  • Not complicated
  • Connected with the brand, or its name

Don't delay because this is the first step of creating a professional and consistent brand image.

Business Cards

Nowadays we deal more and more through the internet but traditional business cards, compliment slips or professional letterheads are still very important. We, the professionals, will still need them and that's why they have to be beautiful, tasteful, and sometimes unusual to attract attention. We think that business card are a little treasures, they have to impress. The better they look the better chance its receiver will keep them and more likely contact you when she'll need you.

Leaflets, Flyers, Posters and many other

Promote your business and any promotions or events you do. We at DeftMedia have undertaken broad research with customers and business people to understand what makes a leaflet special, kept by its recipient and used as intended. Thanks to that we know the secrets of a successful design for leaflets as well as for posters and other printed materials. You will reach a wider audience and more customers; your brand will be more visible and recognisable and of course project a professional image.


Video Ads

Want to sell a product or service not many have heard about yet? We will create video advertisements for you to run both online and on television. This is one of the most powerful tools in whole marketing world. We use only the best quality Full HD camcorders and equipment we know we can rely on. Our ideas will make your advertisement impressive, attractive and engaging, generating interest in your product or service.


Regardless of the event you would like to capture, we will do that for you, whether it's a business or an important personal event, don't lose it – we can make a record of it for you.

Music clips

If you are a musician and need a video clip for your Audio, you came to the right place. We will team up with you to realise your ideas, boost your music's unique qualities and make the audience want to view your clip over and over again. Don't have any ideas? Not to worry, we have millions ideas in our heads, that's what we are here for.
Don't delay - rule YouTube today.

Picture and design


Photo Retouch

CG - Computer Graphics

Infographics and presentations

Sound and Music

Composing Audio and music tracks

Advertising "jingles"

Large ambient Sound library available